Wet – II

I am dripping wet and he is teasing me.

He lets his fingers circle my clit, ever so gently, its touch as light as a feather. I am driven insane with sheer want for more. I need more. So much more.

I know he sees it in my eyes. I see the curve of a half-smile around his lip. He enjoys my frustration. He wants to drive me insane. He wants me to crave his touch, need him, be consumed by my uncontrollable lust for him.

There is only so long I can wait. I clasp his arm, push his finger inside my wetness. I let out an involuntary hiss. I want to scream with sweet carnal delight.

But I am greedy. Tonight, I am an animal. I have no patience. I’m controlled by my desires.

I grind my waist against his palm, his finger still comfortably lodged in my cunt. He smiles, I close my eyes. I need to feel this.

His wet finger greases in and out, in and out, in and out, the pace quickening with the surging intensity of my moans. My hips have a rhythm of their own, one that matches his, it does not feel voluntary anymore.

I feel his grip on my hair loosen. His palm cups my chin and his mouth is on mine, muffling my moans. His lips are gentle and tender, when they first meet mine, only to crush them and claim me in the next few seconds. I part them and I taste his tongue. He sucks on my lower lip, teases them with gentle bites.

But he knows what I really want. His mouth moves to my neck, ever so slowly, his tongue leaving a wet trail down my chin, to the nape of my neck. It flicks at the hollow of my collarbone, he nibbles me there. I let out a sudden sigh, a happy satisfied loud sigh. Yes, right there, soft bites, don’t stop. Oh sweet libidinous heaven.

But his mouth is no longer on my neck and I am unsettled. I open my eyes. I find his head moving lower, lower to between my legs, to the soft, hungry core of my passion and desires between my thighs. I gasp loudly with pure venereal, lustful joy. If this is sin, I am an unapologetic, brazen sinner.

He eats my warm cunt like a man who has been hungry for far too long. He eats me like I’m his last meal. He sucks, nibbles, slurps, licks and chews. He slicks his tongue in and out. He laps up my wetness. His fingers don’t stop circling my clit. He devours me and he doesn’t stop. He goes on until I cannot hold it any longer. I’m at the peak, the violent climax that I crave, the one I’ve been craving for since we have been apart. It overtakes my body. I scream and explode on the inside.

I fall back in sweet exhaustion, my breaths heavy and ragged.

Cum drips down my thighs.





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20, Bangalore. Christ University. Writer, Photographer.

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