We’re finally alone and I can feel the animal in me unleash itself. I want to taste him, feel his skin, fuck like there’s no tomorrow. He’s made me wait a week and it has driven me insane with sheer need.

He’s sedentary on the bed and I put my legs around him, my lips are inches away from his and my fingers clutch at his hair. I can wait no longer. I close my eyes and his lips crush mine. He sucks on my lip, I taste him, and lord, he tastes good.

He unbuttons my shirt and I take off his t-shirt. I know he likes what he sees, I can see it in his eyes and with the quiet grunt that escapes him.

His lips trail lower and he leaves deep kisses at my neck, nibbles at it. I feel his teeth grazing, leaving soft bites at the hollow of my collarbones and it is driving me crazy with pure pleasure. My weakness. Soft moans escape me, I arch backwards. He pulls me closer and he doesn’t stop. Fuck, this feels good.

His lips find mine again and then I can feel him standing up. He’s lifting me. His arms, oh my, they’re so strong, so rock hard. I cling to him, my mouth hungry for his, my legs wrapped around him and my fingers in his hair. I feel him turn, bend slowly towards the bed and place me every so gently on the bed.

Lord, I want this boy. I want him inside me.

But he has other plans for me. He wants me to crave him, till I’m a dripping, shaking mess, hungry and desperate. He’s teasing me, playing with me and it’s driving me crazy. He flicks my bra open, unbuttons my jeans and pulls them off. Any minute now.

But no he’s going to make me wait. His mouth is on my right breast, his palm cupping the other, squeezing it, his thumb and forefinger rubbing my left nipple. My nipples are hard like tiny stones, and his soft tongue feels like heaven, licking, sucking and nibbling on them. His perfectly groomed beard grazes the underside of my breasts and it’s making me go wild. My moans get louder by the minute, I’m in love with everything his mouth is doing to me. Fuck. 

He’s moving lower, his tongue leaving goose bumps in its trail. The side of my ribs, the curve of my hip, my navel, until it’s just above the soft, pink core of my desires, my hungry cunt. It teases me, his tongue, but what frustrates me is my thin navy blue lace panties which separate his wet tongue from my dripping cunt. But he decides to be kind. In seconds, it is off and his mouth finds me. My wet, dripping cunt, hungry for his tongue. He begins to eat me and I see heaven. I’m moaning, screaming, grunting, grinding my hips against his head that is comfortably lodged between my thighs. Yes baby, just like that. He goes on for the longest time until I can’t take it any longer, I’m about to come, and a sense of defeat and immense pleasure both wash over me. I don’t want to come so soon, but god your tongue feels so good down there. I’m begging him, whimpering to stop before I come, but he goes on, he slides his finger inside, curved upward and that’s the final straw, I arch and an explosion overtakes my body. A glorious orgasm. I fall back, I’m heaving, my breaths are ragged and my legs are shaking violently. He laps up my wetness, slowly looks up and gives me the slightest of half smiles, tired so soon?


My turn.

I get up and pull him towards me. In moments, I’ve unbuttoned his pants, pulled down his playboy underpants, I smirk. It’s your turn to see heaven.

I push him to the bed and I get on top of him.

I kiss him. I taste myself on his tongue. It makes me smile. But I’m not going to wait any longer.

I move lower and put my mouth on his cock. A soft grunt escapes his lips. Thick and long, a perfect cock. Baby, the things I’m going to do to you.  I let my tongue flick and play at the head. My turn to tease him. I lick him all over. Soft, gentle and slow. I rub his balls. And then I put my head on his cock again. I let it go all the way down. He’s so much bigger than I expected, I cannot take all of him in. Mm hmm, this is going to take practise. But I’m no quitter. I take as much of him I can in my mouth and I crush his cock with my lips, my tongue rubbing against the underside. He’s moaning, grunting and nothing turns me on more than a man who is vocal in bed. He grabs my hair hard and pushes my head up and down over his cock. Up and down, up and down, up down, I’m lost in a frenzy of movement, his grunts fuelling me to go harder and faster. I rub his balls and clutch his cock tight with my other palm. I’m running out of breath. I move my head lower to his balls, give him a slight lick. His grunts intensify. Ah, so this is your weakness. I flick my tongue, lick, suck softly, move my head up and down, circling his balls all while rubbing his cock up and down with my right palm. His grunts get louder and pleasure fills my brain. There truly is joy in giving.

I don’t stop, I go on until he grabs my hair hard and pulls me back up and says, no more.

I smile, I know what’s about to follow and it is the best part.


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20, Bangalore. Christ University. Writer, Photographer.

7 thoughts on “Animal”

  1. I know this is such a fictional artistic creation to play with readers minds and body…But this much intense things made my mind a 2nd thought… why karthika …Why ??


  2. I tell yeh, Bright-eyes. Men and women. A bloody mess. Every time. Woofhh! Temperature soaring 🔥 That was one hell of a naughty women’s torment.


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