He’s wearing a jacket, a v-neck white tee and blue jeans and all I can think of is how desperately I want all of it off him. I want him naked, on top of me, fucking my cunt numb.

I lead him to my room, a king sized bed awaits us. Small talk. He takes off the jacket, I watch his biceps move up and down and his 17-inch arms flex. I involuntarily sigh. How is this man so goddamn hot, how will I ever get enough of him.

He sits at the edge of the bed. More small talk. I put my legs around him and sit on his lap. His lips are inches away from mine. My heartbeat quickens.

His lips meet mine.


Hungry kisses. My fingers in his hair. He’s holding me close at my waist. His perfectly groomed beard grazes my neck. His lips move lower to my collarbones. A soft moan escapes me. I’m grinding against him, I’m dripping wet already. It makes me smile internally, oh babe, you drive me insane with want. 

He pulls off my tee, unhooks my bra and cups my breasts with his palm, his mouth moving lower from my lips. I feel his teeth on my pearl hard nipples. I feel his tongue play with them, tease them and I crave for more. I crave soft nibbles. And he’s never one to disappoint. His teeth graze my nipples, sucking on them and his palm cups and squeezes my other breast. My moans get louder.

I feel like a crazed animal that has been hungry for far too long. Lust has taken over my senses. I’m impatient. I pull off his tee, take off my soaked panties. He gets up and unbuttons his pants, pulls them off.

His legs are muscular and sculpted, I love everything about this man. I moan, fuck me already.

His raven black eyes look into mine. His gaze screams desire. Suddenly I’m glad we’ve had to wait another week. He’s hungry for me too and it fills me with intense pleasure.

He spreads my legs with his knees and gets on top of me. I’m a writhing, desperate, trembling mess. I could kill to feel him inside me this second. Fuck foreplay.

He enjoys my desperation. His mouth moves lower until his tongue meets the lips of my cunt. I groan with pleasure. His beard rubs against my inner thigh. He pushes his tongue into my wetness, circles it. I pull his head closer, grind against his face. Fuck. But he surprises me, he pulls away too quickly and gets on top of me again. His eyes are piercing, his pupils dilated. Oh baby, aren’t you a hungry man today.

He pushes his thick, long cock deep into my dripping cunt. I scream with sheer joy. My legs are on his shoulder, he enters me with such power, such need. He fucks me. He fucks me until I’m heaving and out of breath. I’m about to climax, I can feel it in my bones. He doesn’t stop, he fucks me harder. My head is lighter, my body is trembling and an explosion overtakes my body. I’m deliriously happy.

It doesn’t end there. He goes on, lying down, standing, bending fucking me in every possible way until my legs are shaking violently and I can hardly hold myself up. I can take no more. My cunt throbs and pulses.

You beast of a man. 



  1. abdulhm · July 18



  2. Uknowmeright? · July 19

    Damn..How intensely you convey the feelings through words, actually so hard to explain. Love your creations… You’re so beautifully infectious to my thoughts 😍😆🙊


  3. kesavagokul · July 19

    wow, at least I get to read a sex story even in wordpress


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