He’s wearing a jacket, a v-neck white tee and blue jeans and all I can think of is how desperately I want all of it off him. I want him naked, on top of me, fucking my cunt numb.

I lead him to my room, a king sized bed awaits us. Small talk. He takes off the jacket, I watch his biceps move up and down and his 17-inch arms flex. I involuntarily sigh. How is this man so goddamn hot, how will I ever get enough of him.

He sits at the edge of the bed. More small talk. I put my legs around him and sit on his lap. His lips are inches away from mine. My heartbeat quickens.

His lips meet mine.


Hungry kisses. My fingers in his hair. He’s holding me close at my waist. His perfectly groomed beard grazes my neck. His lips move lower to my collarbones. A soft moan escapes me. I’m grinding against him, I’m dripping wet already. It makes me smile internally, oh babe, you drive me insane with want. 

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We’re finally alone and I can feel the animal in me unleash itself. I want to taste him, feel his skin, fuck like there’s no tomorrow. He’s made me wait a week and it has driven me insane with sheer need.

He’s sedentary on the bed and I put my legs around him, my lips are inches away from his and my fingers clutch at his hair. I can wait no longer. I close my eyes and his lips crush mine. He sucks on my lip, I taste him, and lord, he tastes good.

He unbuttons my shirt and I take off his t-shirt. I know he likes what he sees, I can see it in his eyes and with the quiet grunt that escapes him.

His lips trail lower and he leaves deep kisses at my neck, nibbles at it. I feel his teeth grazing, leaving soft bites at the hollow of my collarbones and it is driving me crazy with pure pleasure. My weakness. Soft moans escape me, I arch backwards. He pulls me closer and he doesn’t stop. Fuck, this feels good.

His lips find mine again and then I can feel him standing up. He’s lifting me. His arms, oh my, they’re so strong, so rock hard. I cling to him, my mouth hungry for his, my legs wrapped around him and my fingers in his hair. I feel him turn, bend slowly towards the bed and place me every so gently on the bed.

Lord, I want this boy. I want him inside me.

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Wet – II

I am dripping wet and he is teasing me.

He lets his fingers circle my clit, ever so gently, its touch as light as a feather. I am driven insane with sheer want for more. I need more. So much more.

I know he sees it in my eyes. I see the curve of a half-smile around his lip. He enjoys my frustration. He wants to drive me insane. He wants me to crave his touch, need him, be consumed by my uncontrollable lust for him.

There is only so long I can wait. I clasp his arm, push his finger inside my wetness. I let out an involuntary hiss. I want to scream with sweet carnal delight.

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Wet – I

I am pushed to the bed. I notice that there are new bedspreads on and they are white. I’ve always been fond of white bedspreads.

I am waiting. I’ve waited too long for this. We’ve been apart for far too long.

I am still sedentary and he leans forward. His face is inches away from mine.

His palm cups my head and he pulls my hair back. He looks into my eyes, deep and straight, poring into them. I feel naked, utterly naked, body, heart and soul. I am shaking with desire and anticipation.

He spreads my legs with his knees. A sigh escapes me. His finger is on my lip, hushing me. I bite the urge to take it in my mouth and feel it with my tongue. But it moves, it’s trailing down my torso, down my navel. His eyes are still on mine, his gaze is carnal.

His fingers trail lower still, until it’s finally exactly where I ache for it to be, the core of my desires. I am consumed with lust, blinded with longing.

I am dripping wet.